New resident meetings are held twice a year.  
They represent all the new people to our
community since six months prior.  We would
like to welcome those new residents who
attended the meeting on April 23rd.  The Board
of Trustees were present, as well as the
Chairpeople of the Standing Committees, and
Chairpeople of some of the clubs and
committees.  Each new resident in attendance
received a raffle ticket and a hand made gift
from Lucy Hubert.  Maureen Jancsek was the
lucky winner of the beautiful flowers which
were donated by the Welcoming Committee.  
After the meeting, delicious refreshments were
served by the Welcoming Committee,
chaired by Ro Ferrainolo.

Other new residents that were not able to
attend Monday's meeting are Eugene & Mary
Beeman, Kimberly Byrne, Gerard & Regina
Catney, Bill Corten, John & Mary Cummings,
Bill & Eileen Kennedy, Barbara Leather, Tom &
Helen Linkin, Anthony & Patricia Gail Miscia,
Cynthia Pizella, Elizabeth Santiago (she
attended but we missed getting her picture),
Bob & Karen Vorhees.
New Residents between October, 2017 - April, 2018
Maureen Jancsek, winner of
the floral bouquet.
Joan Newman
Karen Ward
John & Elizabeth Santiago
Bob & Randi Schrader
Maryellen Klotz
Helen Sharkey
Donna & Bill Lardieri
Diane Chapin
Carol Olsen