Please note that these are only the most current approved minutes.
         Older minutes can be obtained from the office.

                                                  June 25, 2018
                   Board of Trustees Meeting - Open - Approved 7/9/18
PRESENT:   B. Pedersen,  R. Rizzolo, C. Powell, L. Jacquin,  J. Cinosky,  K. Wright

ALSO PRESENT:  K. Coleman, Administrator

ABSENT:  J. Castellano

The open meeting was called to order by R. Rizzolo at 9:02 AM.

Motion was made by R. Rizzolo seconded by J. Cinosky, to approve the minutes for
meeting of 6/11/18.


  • TREASURER'S REPORT:  Presented by J. Cinosky.  Balance as of 5/31/18,  
    $1,260,702.51 which includes the CD total of $334,388.20.  CD is due to mature the
    end of this month and should be put in the best investment as usual.

ACC - By L. Scaturro - New officers are in place.  Cherie Parker will be President of the
Lionettes.  Bingo tomorrow and Social on Saturday.  Everything is running smoothly.  
Christmas party for the underprivileged kids is in the works.  There will be 25 kids and at
least 50 volunteers to help.  The date for the party is December 15, 2018.

Architectural - By S. Scaturro - Annual walk through in May resulted in very many
violations along with th letters that were mailed.  Some of the violations were not valid.  
There are new members on the committee and they will be trained of what to look for in
a violation,  Steve asked that A. D'Angelo, in the office, please put a copy of all violations
in his folder for him to decide if they are truly a violation.  Steve also requested that all
the requests for improvements can be put in his folder.  He has been given the go ahead
from B. Pedersen to be able to approve all of the normal improvements.  This way
someone that is painting their house for example, does not have to wait the full month
for the Architectural meeting to be approved.

Buildings & Grounds - N/A

Bylaws - N/A

- By J. Rizzolo - Jan asked if anyone had any questions regarding her minutes
from the June meeting.  Jan referenced her minutes and stated that the lobby furniture
is very old and would like to replace it.  Also, the clubhouse lobby needs to be repainted.  
The Clubhouse committee is requesting a budget of $200.00 to have a interior designer
come in to look at the clubhouse and advise.

Community Awareness - By B. Skelly - The next meeting will be on July 9th and the
Mayor will attend.  She is requesting to have the chairs removed from the round table in
the library when the Mayor comes to the meeting.  The chairs are an eyesore and that is
where he normally sits.

Finance & Insurance - By J. Cinosky - the audits are being done.  They are getting ready
to do budgets.

LHCC - By: B. Halm - Members meeting minutes was not in folders.  Discussed from his
minutes that they need new members to support events.  4 of the 5 Directors terms
expire this year.  Tournament sponsorship from Turf Masters was received in the amount
of $500.00.  There are other sponsorships that have not sent in their money yet.  The
pride was stuffed today with a flyer regarding free membership.  The Country Club
column was not in the Pride this month.

Per B. Pedersen, he asked B. Halm to please speak with Joe Elias so he and Jose can
work things out for a smooth working relationship.

Nominating - By: J. Bill - There is only 1 letter and 1 packet picked up from a person
considering running for office.  No other people have sent a letter or come in to pick up a
packet.  J. Bill stated that he had a very good nominating committee, they are making
everyone aware of the need to run for office.

Recreation - By: V. LaFerrera - Tennis Courts look great.  Everyone is happy with them.  
He mentioned that the Tennis Courts have not been locked all the time. He locks them
when he takes his evening walks.

Regarding the pool area - The maintenance men are to remove the robo vacuum, check
the water and clean filter every day prior to them leaving.  Per Vito, this has not been
done on a consistent basis.  K. Coleman to follow up.

Vito also mentioned about the spikes sticking up by the pool.  K. Coleman has contacted
Pool Operation Management Company.  Per Ray, he said he would take care of it.  It has
not been addressed.  K. Coleman to contact Pool Operation Management Company
again.  He said that we need to look into the Auto Water monitoring system for 2019

Security - By L. Jacquin - per the Security minutes everything is going good.

Website - By Kathy Fagan - Currently taking pictures of events.  The Website is
down due to a technical issue with uploading pictures.  Jana, the technician, will come
this week to look at the system to see if she can fix it.

Break - 9:37 am and re-opened at 9:50 am.


  • Administrator's Report - presented by K. Coleman
  • The handle for the pool has been re-installed and new covers have been installed.
  • Pump at the front entrance has been replaced for the 3rd time and is now working
  • The Power washer has been ordered and delivered.  It was shipped broken.  It will be
    returned for a new one.
  • The RV lot has been clean to the best of the ability of the maintenance men.
  • Letterhead has been prepared and given to the Board for their approval.
  • K. Coleman advised that her printer is out of warranty and will not print in color.  
    The cost for this one as $94.00 a year and a half ago.

K. Coleman to contact Turf Master regarding the front rose bushes.  They seem to be

Motion was made by K. Wright and 2nd by L. Jacquin to change the evening association
meeting from 7 pm to 2:30 pm for the months of December, January and February.

Motion made by R. Rizzolo, seconded by J. Cinosky to adjourn the open meeting at 10:25

The next meeting will be on July 9, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Submitted By
K. Coleman, Administrator

The next meeting will be on June 11, 2018 at 9:00 AM.

Submitted by;_________________________________

                  K. Coleman, Administrator