Here are some of the Clubs offered to our Community under the Activities Coordinating Council (ACC).  

Volunteers are the core of our Community.  Please consider joining one or more of our committees.

Continue scrolling down to see current pictures of some of the clubs and committees.
Please note that the Website Committee in in the process of
obtaining current pictures of the 2018 officers at this time.
2018 - This  club operates, maintains and updates the audio-visual equipment.
It is in charge of setting up microphones for general meetings and special events.
It provides the equipment for presentations, group television screenings and movie nights.

Chairperson: Tino Yodice


2018 -

There are 2 book clubs.  One meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 2:00, and the other meets
on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM.  Anyone can join.


2018 -
The club has been in existence since the summer of 1987 and has a positive impact on our community.
Its members are volunteers. Plantings are done at our entrance, some common grounds and in
decorative planters in various areas around the pool and clubhouse, and the club also provides seasonally
appropriate decorations to enhance the front entrance of the clubhouse. You are invited to join the Garden
Club. The dates of our monthly meetings can be found in the calendar.  Go to our Activities section to see
a recent picture of Clare and her committee

Chairperson: Clare Mathiasen


Chairperson:  Marge Grabis


This Committee meets every other month on the second Tuesday at 11:00 AM in the Library.  
The Library can only take book donations that are
5 years old or less.

Chairperson: Sallie Wood

Sandy Wood, President; Jane Bazaz, VP; Judy Murray, Treasurer;
Carol Carlson, Secretary

Left to right  Carol Carlson, Rose Szpara, Joan Sudnik, Sandy Wood,
Judy Murray, Lynda Hopler and Jane Bazaz

Our women's club meets on the third Wednesday of each month,
except July and August, serving lunch and offering interesting
programs. We serve the interests and social development of our
members, contribute to the community and advance the welfare of
Brick by making donations to deserving organizations and activities.
Food contributions are collected at each meeting for distribution to a
local food pantry.

Chairperson: Sandy Wood
2018 - Lions Pride Editorial Review Board: Left to right

Mary Nagel, Sue Mills, Ann Brennan, Kathleen Wright, Rose
Szpara,  Linda La Ferrera, Barbara Abbott and Janet Stoney

Appropriately named, this monthly magazine keeps our residents
abreast of community news.  Residents may submit material which
our editorial staff reviews and edits.  Delivery is made by our
volunteer circulation staff. Deadline for submitting  an article is 8th
of the month.

Kathleen Wright & Sue Mills ,Editors
2018 - Seated: George Bazaz - Ways & Means, Jerry Cosimo, Tom Tormey -
Secretary, George Flaccavento - Vice President & Brian Halm - Treasurer  Standing:
Joe Bill, Joe Bivona - Events Coordinator and Bob Pedersen - Sgt. At Arms.   
Missing: Bob Mathiasen - President, Tom Behrens - Membership, Mario DiCrocco -
Hospitality/Kitchen, John Castellano and Ralph Rizzolo - events - trips

The purpose of the Men's Club is to serve as a forum for the interests and social
elements of the members, to promote congenial and cooperative activities in the
interest of the members and to enhance the quality of  life within the Lions Head
South community. It is a non-political and non-sectarian association.  This club meets
the 1st Wednesday of every month throughout the year.

President: Bob Mathiasen
2018 - From left to right: Lynn Harko, Linda LaFerrera & Bonnie Luton.

Several times each year under the direction of Bonnie Luton, The
Lions Head South Chorus provides concert performances for the
enjoyment of our residents.
2018 - Left to right; Joyce Speziale, VP; Barbara Skelly, President;  Jim Clarke, Treasurer;
and Clara Ciuffo, Secrerary

This club serves the interests of our single residents, both male and female. We meet on the
second Sunday of each month, except July and August, for an afternoon of socializing. We
offer diversified entertainment such as guest speakers, local entertainers and games. Our
lunches are culinary treats that our members look forward to.
2018 -

Seated from left to right: Debbie Holzherr, Colyn Gingola - Secretary & Dot O'Brien  

Standing: Pat Ross, Joe Ross, Diane Gregory, Evelyn Simone & Joyce Speziale

Missing: Betty Lichtman,  Betty Bozzetti, Roseann Ferguson                                     

The Social Committee organizes Dinner Dances and Concerts throughout the year.  
They hire music groups and caterers and decorate the Lions Den with a theme for each
event.   See Upcoming Events for planned events for 2017.

Co-Chairpersons: Dot O'Brien & Debbie Holzherr


Lions Head South will acknowledge any illness or death in the community with cards
and any additional information requested by the family.

2018 Chairperson: Joyce Speziale    732-701-3260

2018 - The ladies had their Holiday luncheon on 1/16/18.  Everyone
brought something to contribute, from cheese & crackers to a large
variety of sandwiches and meat ball subs.  There were also plenty of
homemade deserts - everything was delicious.  This group meets on
Tuesdays and Fridays from 1:00 - 2:00 PM.
This club will be happy to teach anyone
who wishes to learn how to knit, crochet
or do needlework.  We provide a
friendly and fun way to spend an
afternoon.  We make hats for newborns
and cancer patients as well as blankets
which are donated to charitable
organizations and hospitals. We are in
need of yarn for these charitable works.
Please bring your unneeded yarn to the
club house on Tuesday or Friday
afternoons.  We meet on Tuesday and
Friday at 1:00 pm in the Clubhouse.
2018 Sue Mills, Chairperson

Travel Committee provides a diversified selection of opportunities for members of the community to
travel at a reasonable rate. Many trips are offered: Atlantic City shows, theater luncheons, day trips and
multi-day excursions and cruises.  This Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of each month@ 9:30 AM
for Regular Travel, and 10:15 AM for Combined Travel.

Regular Travel Committee Members
:  Joyce Speciale, Maxine Coben, Gail Levenelm, Sue Mills, Ann
Brennan, Clara Ciuffo (absent from picture)   
2018 -  The group had their 1st meeting of the year on 1/16/18.  

Pictured are Angela Trilivas, Fran Raczynski, Joyce Burghardt,
Diane Gregory, Eleanor Gannon, Barbara Hurley, Rose Szpara and
Rosemarie Ferrainolo, Chairperson.  

The group meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 11:00 AM.
New residents will receive a visit from one of our members to welcome them to our
community. We provide street maps, an Ocean County directory and other material to help
newcomers acquaint themselves with the area.
(Please note that updated pictures are being done and will be posted when completed)  

These committees have delegated responsibility for Association tasks.
They report monthly to the Board of Trustees.


2018 -

Serves as an advisory, coordination and planning body for all social, recreational, cultural and
educational committees.  This group meets on the 2nd Thursday at 9:30 AM.

Chairperson - Lee Scatturo; Vice Chairperson, Bea Scanlon; Laura Jacquin, Trustee Liaison
2018 -

Approves or denies requests for exterior home changes.  

Chairperson: Steve Scaturro; Ralph Rizzolo,Trustee Liaiso
Left to right  Rod Stevens, Bob Mathiasen, Sue Liszner, Elaine Long, Stephen Scaturro,
Fred Scerbo, John Constantino, Tom Behrens, Richard Aubin, and David Arechiga.
2018 -
Oversees interior and exterior maintenance of common areas and living units.

Chairperson: Steve DiSalvo - John Castellano-Trustee Liaison
Seated Left to right  Bob Mathiasen, Sharon Newton, Steve DiSalvo, and Irene Nolan.

Standing left to right Bill Hamaydi, Ken Winne, Bill Leck, Richard Liszner and Tom Behrens.

2018 -

Periodically reviews LHS bylaws, rules and regulations, policies and
procedures, recommending  changes to the Board of Trustees and
Chairperson: TBA                             Kathleen Wright, Liaison

2018 -

Is an information-gathering and reporting committee.  It keeps residents informed
about issues and activities outside Lions Head South.  It provides literature regarding
resources available to seniors in the First Aid room and invites speakers for
meetings.  The committee meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 5:45 pm.

Chairperson - Barbara Skelly/Dot Berardinelli;  Carol Powell, Trustee Liaison


2018 -

The Commitee carry out such duties as may be required to operate
and maintain our nine-hole executive golf course.

Director - Brian Halm; Bob Pedersen/John Castellano,  Trustee Liaisons
2018 officers above:  Left to right, Joe Bill, Dennis Raftery, Ken Winne, Brian Halm,
Bea Scanlon, Jim Mort, Lee Scaturro and Muriel Mills.

Assists in preparation of annual budget; insures maintenance of financial records;
assists in annual review and update of liability and casualty insurance coverage; assists
in overseeing investment programs.

Pictured above, left to right seated; Joan Sudnik, Dennis Gregory, Joyce Speziale.  
Standing, left to right; Chuck Florio, Pat Salerno, Jan Rizzolo, Ceil Reinhardt, John
Cinosky.  Missing are Peter Prennan, Sue Wiss, Al Harrison

Chairperson: - Dennis Gregory; John Cinosky,Trustee Liaison

2018 - (picture pending)
Solicits and submits candidates for Board of Trustee vacancies. Meetings will be held
the third Monday of the month at 11 AM beginning April 18th.

Chairperson:  - Joe Bill; John Castellano, Trustee Liaison

Committee Members: Donna Iversen, Doris Laurence, Carol Contini, Ken Winne,
Joyce Speziale, Ceil Reinhardt, Lucy Hubert


2018 -

Carries out such duties as may be required regarding the maintenance of all outdoor
recreational facilities.

Chairperson:  Vito La Ferrera; John Cinosky, Trustee Liaison 


  2018 -

Develops and puts into operation appropriate programs for safety.

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month @ 10:00 am in the Clubhouse.

                Sub Committee:  Emergency Management

                                       Neighborhood Watch

Chairperson: Bill Powell; Laura Jacquin, Trustee Liaison


2018 - This group had their 1st meeting of the year on 1/16/18.  
Pictured are Judy Conway, Marge Grabis and Trustee Liaison Laura Jacquin.
A sub committee of Security.  Committee meets 3rd Tuesday at 11:00.  
This committee brings information to the residents in the event of a natural disaster.   

We will have list for anyone who wants to go to a shelter, or shelters who will take in animals
as well. In the event of an occurance, the clubhouse will only be open to give out information.

Chairperson: Judy Conway; Laura Jacquin, Trustee Liaison


Committee meets once a month to maintain the website.  Currently the meetings are
held the 1st Thursday of each month @ 11:00 am in the Clubhouse.

Chairperson:  Donna Iversen; Laura Jacquin, Trustee Liaison,

Members:  Peter Brennan, Kathy Fagan, Lucy Hubert, Bea Scanlon.  
Missing from photo - Gail Levenelm